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For more than 20 years we have been supporting utilities and waste disposal companies with powerful and market-proven tools in the GIS and database environment for company-wide use of geo-data, or for integrating geo-data infrastructures into company IT structures.

The product Smallworld GIS is at the heart of our applied geo-information systems, whose modern architecture and highly scalable technological platform provides the correct basis for spatial solutions for all sizes of companies in the public utilities and waste disposal sector. Web solutions, both for information or analytical tasks and for data continuity, as well as mobile client applications allow simple and cost-effective access to geo-data in a company, and increase its user value.

Standardized and innovative application modules for electricity, gas, water, district heating, telecommunications and sewage form the basis for documenting, updating and analysing data. These applications are complemented by a large number of additional tools for integrating e.g. document management systems, control systems, operational management systems or for network calculations.

Cross-industry planning information solutions for third parties, GIS-based tools for documenting real estate and permits as well as for calculating payments and solutions for coordinating cross-utilities excavations round off the portfolio of solutions.


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